Hyper Scape

Ubisoft’s battle royale game has broken cover: Hyper Scale launches July 12th

Ubisoft’s rumoured free-to-play battle royale title has started popping up all over the place in something that looks like it might be a teaser launch, or a leak, hard to say.

It’s been a very strange year for launches. An ongoing pandemic, and so no E3, plus Black Lives Matter, all disrupting the plans of publishers. There are things more important than games after all. Still, it has been interesting to see how different companies have handled the changes and handled expectations – well done Sony, not so good Xbox.

Now, it seems that a game which would certainly have taken a big spot in Ubisoft’s usual LA jamboree, has now wandered into the limelight in some confusion. There’s a teaser site for the new title here, which might have been more fun if it wasn’t Ubisoft-branded but more of a proper ARG thing.

And there’s a twitter account over here. Then there’s been leaks, or possibly early reveals from streamers and others on Twitter.


Putting all that aside what we’ve got here is a cyberpunk-inspired battle royale title – in a year where so much is going cyber, though it’s hard to notice because it’s been on the menu constantly for years anyway. That intriguingly comes with a big partnership with Twitch and is rumoured to have integrations between game mechanics and Twitch chat.

All of which sounds intriguing. Hyper Scape comes from Ubisoft Montreal, which is somewhat of a surprise as you’d think it would be busy leading on pretty much every other major Ubisoft title. Of course the studio, as others, is currently also dealing with a swathe of accusations of misbehaviour and sexual harassment.

All that said, EA used a similarly vague tease and quick release format for Apex Legends and that went well for them. So watch out Warzone, Fortnite and Apex too come the 12th.

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