Ubisoft’s latest game is £5.99 Steam-only platformer Grow Home

‘Experimental’ platform game Grow Home is now available on Steam.

The title was put together by an eight-person team at Driver creators Ubisoft Reflections and is described as procedurally animated”. It was initially released as an internal plaything for Ubisoft staff, but was eventually spun out into a full release.

Interestingly the game is not just a PC-only release but is also only available on Steam – and not Uplay – and costs just 5.99.

In Grow Home you play as BUD (a Botanical Utility Droid) and are tasked with growing a Star Plant. And these things really grow – when fully developed it sees players scaling two kilometres into the air above their landing craft.

Because BUD doesn’t have predefined animations and can travel in this 3D space, we are able to experience a much broader range of action,” producer Pete Young told the Ubisoft Blog last month. The climbing can be very physical and perilous – you get a real sense of vertigo and you’re acutely aware of the long drop below you.

We wanted to challenge how we make games at Ubisoft Reflections. We’ve got a track record of developing massive triple-A games and a strong technical heritage, but we’re also a lot more than that.”

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