Ubisofts new anti-piracy weapon

Publisher Ubisoft has implemented an innovative security measure in the DS version of Michael Jackson: The Experience – the South African vuvuzela horn made famous in this summer’s World Cup.

Eurogamer reports that people attempting to play the hacked version of the game via a downloadable ROM are founding that the King of Pop’s cult tunes are being accompanied by the endless buzzing of vuvuzelas.

In addition, the on-screen prompts – a vital gameplay component – are also missing.

Whether or not vuvuzelas are set to replace the controversial internet-enabled DRM seen in many of the firm’s PC titles remains to be seen. But don’t hold your breath.

MCV has vague memories of a similar trick that was implemented by Sensible Software’s Mega Lo Mania on the Amiga back in the early ‘90s. Folk trying to play copied versions of the game would find their experience cut short when the deafening boom of ‘PIRATE!’ was heard across the land, bringing the game to a standstill.

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