Ubisofts Online Pass named, priced

Starting with the release of Driver: San Francisco on September 2nd, Ubisoft is to introduce its own version of EA’s Online Pass.

Called the Uplay Passport, it will come in the form of a one-time use code in the box. This can then be redeemed online to unlock multiplayer online functionality and select other content.

Those who buy a Uplay passport game pre-owned can buy a new Uplay Passport code for 7.99 on PSN or 800 Microsoft Point on Xbox Live. Uplay Passport enabled titles will sport a logo on the box.

However, as bemoaned by MCV earlier this month, the reasons given for the introduction are less than convincing.

The Uplay Passport is a new program designed to provide players with access to bonus content, exclusive offers, and online multiplayer play,” the blurb reads.

Passed through an honesty filter that reads as follows: The Uplay Passport allows us to begin monetising the pre-owned sector, meaning that as a publisher we’re no longer locked out of a huge slice of the games market.”

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