Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a co-op VR game designed to put you in an episode of the show

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a social VR game from Ubisoft that wants to give players the chance to star in an episode of their own.

The game, created by Ubisoft’s Red Storm studio, is due out this Christmas on PS VR, Oculus Rift and HTC. It is entirely set on the Bridge of a new Star Trek ship, the U.S.S Aegis. The reason for the introduction of the new ship was so the development team could alter things to better suit the VR environment (such as putting Engineering on the Bridge) and so that players can be themselves, and not play the role of, say, Scotty or Captain Picard.

The game is a social experience, where up to four friends can join together from anywhere in the world and just mess around on the Bridge (it can be experienced as a single player title, as well). There will also be story missions to re-create the show experience, alongside a mission generator, to ensure that gamers can go on a ‘five year journey’ should they wish.

There are four roles in the game: Captain – with this player given additional information not available to others (so that they rely on him/her). Engineering – which is designed to distribute the power and fuel. Tactical, which handles weapons and shields, and Helm, which navigates the ship and utilises the sensors.

Although it’s an entirely new ship with a new crew, the game is set within the alternate universe as created by JJ Abrams’ movie series.

Bridge Crew is playable at E3, and is one of four VR titles that Ubisoft expects to release this year. The other three being: Eagle Flight, Trackmania Turbo and Werewolves Within.

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