uDraw is a platform, not a fad

The uDraw Wii Gaming Tablet is a new ‘platform’ that has already attracted attention from other publishers, according to THQ.

The firm showcased the product in London to retailers last week. The peripheral and its first titles will arrive early next year.

THQ says it has a five-year plan for the device and is considering proposals from third-parties who are interested in developing for it.

This is a platform launch, not a one-off proposition,” said UK marketing director Jon Rooke.

We’re approaching this as a long-term commitment – at least, three to five years – and we believe the software will sell well long after launch.

We can only create so much software ourselves, so it’s great to have people proposing more products for uDraw. A lot of them have even questioned why Nintendo hasn’t created this device themselves, which is very flattering.

We’d love uDraw to become part of people’s everyday lives, rather than only being used at parties.”

The announcement of uDraw back in August was well-received, with responses that even surprised THQ.
Rooke added: We were amazed to hear analysts predicting uDraw could sell up to one million units.

"I hope we do sell that much – on day one. That would
be lovely.”

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