UK charity SpecialEffect partners with Koyo Store for industry ‘Chicken for Charity’ PUBG tournament

UK gaming charity SpecialEffect is running a games industry Chicken for Charity 2 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament on Friday and to celebrate, it’s partnered with The Koyo Store to create a one-off pin badge in order to raise additional funds. Limited to a run of just 500 bespoke “Chicken for Charity” pin badges, participants and viewers can make a donation to secure one, with all proceeds going to SpecialEffect.

Chicken For Charity 2 takes place on Friday July 26th, 2019, and will see 25 teams from the games industry – including teams from Sega Europe, Xbox UK,, Playground Games, Coatsink, Splash Damage, Amplitude Studios, Criterion Games, Twitch, Creative Assembly, KFC Gaming and Team Koyo – go head-to-head in a livestreamed PUBG tournament live on Twitch. 

“SpecialEffect does truly amazing work helping people with disabilities to enjoy video games, so we’re absolutely delighted to support the awesome Chicken for Charity 2 event along with some other amazing companies,” said Koyo managing director, Lee Townsend. “Best of luck to all the participants and we know a tremendous amount of money will be raised by everyone involved.” 

“Chicken for Charity is a unique event bringing the games industry together for some light-hearted competitive gaming and friendly banter between rival companies,” added Tom Donegan, events coordinator for SpecialEffect. “This year we were looking for a way to give the people watching the tournament online a chance to get more involved and when Koyo Store suggested creating a limited-edition pin badge which featured our mascot ‘Kylo Hen’ it sounded like the perfect solution. 

The Koyo Store Pin "Kylo Hen"
The Koyo Store Pin “Kylo Hen”

“We’re incredibly grateful to Lee and his team for creating such a beautiful product and are really hopeful it will help us surpass last year’s donation total, providing much-needed funds as we seek to help more gamers with disabilities across the UK.”

The broadcast will begin at 5pm BST on the SpecialEffect Twitch channel. If you’re a game developer or part of a “gaming-related business” that fancies “going beak-to-beak” on the day, too, drop an email to To donate, head to

The Koyo Store – which specialises in pin badges, collectible coins, and lace charms – launched in November 2018 and has official licences with a range of gaming franchises, including Rainbow Six Siege, World of Tanks, and World of Warships, as well as other entertainment brands such as emoji, Game of Thrones, and Thunderbirds. 

SpecialEffect is a charity that aims to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by offering bespoke technology to enable them to play video games. “By levelling the playing field, they bring families and friends together, having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation”.

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