UK release not guaranteed for Amazon’s FireTV

Amazon has said that it currently doesn’t have any plans to release FireTV outside of the US.

"Fire TV is not available outside the US at this time and we’re not able to speculate on future plans," an Amazon rep told CVG, refusing to comment any further on the matter.

International releases for devices whose main focus is the streaming of media content are always complicated as their viability relies on the striking of licensing agreements with content holders.

This may be the reason why Sony’s PS Vita TV has yet to be confirmed for any non-Asian regions.

However with streaming devices such as the Roku and Chromecast (which again was available in the US nine months before arriving here) now widely available in the UK, and the big success of services such as Netflix in the region, hopefully the obstacles preventing a UK rollout should be surmountable.

Remember, too, that there was a gap of almost one year between the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet in the US and Europe.

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