UK retail flagrantly disregards Pokemon X and Y release date

We all know some cheeky indies like to put games out a few days early. And that Doris in Tesco might mistakenly sell you a copy of GTA V before launch.

But how about thousands of UK stores selling a game a day before it’s released?

Well that is what has just happened. For some reason known only to Nintendo (probably something to do with a worldwide launch) Pokemon X and Y was due to come out tomorrow (Saturday, October 12th).

Except if you want it, you can get it right now. Pretty much on any High Street in the country.

GAME is the biggest breaker of street date hearts. They even sent out text messages to pre-order customers urging them to come in now and pick it up. And seeing as they are the biggest games retailer in the UK, that’s a pretty big deal. (We’ve asked them for comment, journalism fans. They’re on it).

If you have stuck to the release date (you know, like a good little retailer), then well done, you’ve probably missed out on quite a bit of money. Because according to Nintendo, Pokemon X and Y is its most pre-ordered game. It is being backed by their biggest marketing campaign this year. And according to critics, it’s bloody fantastic.

Obviously an extra day on sale should help the game score higher in the UK Charts out on Monday.

The game launches alongside Nintendo’s new handheld, the 2DS.

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