Ukie collaborates on study to explore the link between gaming and literary skills among school children

A study has been launched to discover if there is a link between video games and literacy skills among school children. 

The research, which is the result of a partnership between Ukie, Penguin Random House Children’s and the National Literary Trust, will centre around a survey of secondary school children from across the UK. The questions will be composed by the National Literary Trust, under advice from figures from both the games and book publishing industries. 

The findings will then be used to help the organisations in creative activities to explore how gaming can support literacy among children, and to raise money for further research.

Speaking about the study, Ukie CEO Jo Twist OBE said, “Games are not only enormous fun, feeding the imaginations of millions of people; they can also tell profound, engaging stories that captivate players across all age groups at a global scale. This research will give us an opportunity to understand the relationship between games and literacy. This will provide valuable evidence to inform educators, caregivers and others to help understand how we can shape literacy engagement through something young people already find hugely compelling.”

The survey will be carried out over the next few months, with the results expected in Spring 2020.

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