Ukie launches #GetInTheGame2019, a new initiative to get UK players registered to vote

Ukie – the only trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry – has launched #GetInTheGame2019, a new initiative to encourage players to vote.

By asking game businesses “to motivate their players and communities to register to vote”, Ukie hopes to increase democratic participation. With nearly 8 million young people still not registered to vote, Ukie is hoping the campaign – which in no way indicates how players should use their vote, only that they should use it – will encourage players to register in time for the European elections on May 23rd, 2019. After that, they will also be registered to vote for future elections, too.

“With 85% of UK adults under 35 stating that they frequently play games, there is a real possibility here that the voice of the players is not being included in the democratic process,” Ukie said by way of its press release. “As a result, they are missing out on influencing the development of policies which could affect them in the future, both domestically and in Europe.

“That’s why we’ve launched #GetInTheGame2019 to encourage players and fans to register to vote – and we think games companies with access to their communities could help spread the message.”

Here’s how Ukie believes game developers, publishers, and media could get involved and motivate younger people – defined as those under 35 – to vote:

  • Spreading awareness of registering to vote or let us know why you think it’s important to register to vote by using the hashtag #GetInTheGame2019
  • Sharing our #GetInTheGame2019 European elections mini-guide
  • Promoting material related to this campaign through your own social media channels
  • Creating promotional assets featuring the #GetInTheGame2019 logo and distributing these to players through your community channels
  • Encouraging influencers on YouTube, Twitch and other channels to mention #GetInTheGame2019

“The hope is that this will encourage people from across the age range – including young adults – to have their say both on the 23rd May and in future elections,” Ukie said.

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