UKIE rallies around tax breaks for developers

UK trade body UKIE has called on the games industry for input for a collective response to the government’s new period of consultation on tax breaks policy.

The UK Treasurytoday opened a period of consultationwith a view to finalising the details of the proposed Tax Breaks policy.

"UKIE’s consultation programme will hear opinions from as many people within the industry as possible, to ensure that a tax break is designed to fully benefit all parts of the industry," read a statement to the press from the trade body.

"UKIE will be holding individual sessions with a wide cross section of the industry to drill deeper into the key issues. These meetings will start immediately and games companies of all sizes are encouraged to get in touch if they would like to take part in one of these."

The organisation will also hold a number of larger meetings with various groups, including regional gatherings at hubs such as Birmingham, Dundee and Bristol, and with its own members andnewly formed Ian Livingstone-led Developer Group.

UKIE will, by the Treasury’s deadline of Monday, September 10th, deliver its findings to the Government. Up until that deadline the Treasury and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will hold several events to canvass opinion from all parts of the industry. UKIE will be attending these consultation sessions as well as working closely with government to ensure that the planned events ‘reach the right people and ask the right questions’.

Story originally published on Develop

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