Ukie releases white paper full of suggestions to make the UK a top eSports destination

Ukie has released a white paper that is full of suggestions aimed at the government to try and establish the UK as a premier location for major eSports events.

Ukie represents many major eSports companies and worked with them along with other eSports professionals to create the white paper.

The suggestions are centred around eight key points, which can be seen below.

1.The sector to work with key government departments to develop a unified strategic approach and appealing trade and investment offer to major international tournament holders, IP owners and brands;

2.The delivery of superfast broadband and 5G to provide the best infrastructure across the country;

3.The sector should coordinate itself as an industry group to share information and encourage and facilitate the sharing of best practice;

4.Industry and government to develop a methodology for more accurately measuring the UK eSports sector;

5.Government to consider the needs of eSports businesses and players in policy debates around skills and immigration and ensure friction-free access to the highly skilled talent needed by the games and eSports sectors;

6.The UK’s already world-leading games industry education courses to include eSports modules;

7.eSports companies to actively support sustainable initiatives that promote and inspire diverse participation of eSports;

8.Fifteen UK eSports ambassadors to be created to promote eSports in the UK and internationally, picked from a diverse mix of players, developers, publishers and event organisers, and to be added to the UK’s existing Video Games Ambassadors scheme.

“For some time, we have been proposing that eSports in the UK could be a high value opportunity for the economy, provided the right infrastructure and support is in place so we can compete at a global level,” said Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie. “Ukie stands for interactive entertainment, and eSports is born out of the meeting of games, competition, fandom, live events, and digital innovation, and so in many ways is the epitome of interactive entertainment. Combining industry commitment with political and practical support both nationally and locally, collectively promoting the sector, and supporting the grassroots eSports movement across the country, we can make the UK the leading global destination for eSports.”

Ukie also announced that it would be supporting the Digital Schoolhouse powered by PlayStation to hold its first schools eSports tournament in 2017.

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