Ukie submits proposals to the Government to help grow the UK games industry

Ahead of next month’s budget, Ukie has submitted five proposals to the Government, designed to help grow the UK games industry in the coming years.

Ukie outlined the proposals on its website, illustrating the current economical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and underlined the games industry’s position as an area of “real national strength.”

Ukie is currently working with the BFI, to ascertain how many people are employed by the UK games industry, and how much the sector delivers back to the economy. Ukie pointed out that we already know that the industry supports nearly 50,000 jobs across the UK.

“Throughout the pandemic, the sector has demonstrated a 21st-century ability to be agile, creative in problem-solving and innovation. Less than one-quarter of video game businesses have needed to access Government support while nearly half of video game businesses reported an increase in revenues and many companies have continued to recruit.

“But we cannot take our resilience for granted. Global competition is fierce and the competitive advantage we hold can just as easily be lost as enhanced. And the sector does face medium to long term challenges, not least talent shortages, which require support to overcome.”

Ukie has called on the government to:

  1. Boost industry growth by investing in new content and IP through a three year £24m UK Games Development Fund
  2. Capitalise on our position at the top table of games production by turbocharging our international trade potential with a £700k trade and investment programme;
  3.  Create a coordinated, national games business support programme that will accelerate the business capacity and knowledge of UK games companies, making them the best equipped in the world to grow and seek investment
  4. Shore up the talent pipeline to enable new entrants into the sector through a £2.6m Games Trainee fund; and
  5. Expanding the hugely successful Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) to increase tax receipts, create jobs, boost exports and level up the UK.

The UK government has, in the past, provided support to the industry via VGTR, the UK Games Fund and Transfuzer (‘UKGFT’), as well as funding via the Tradeshow Access Program (‘TAP’).

“This incentivises the development of British, world-leading intellectual property and technology that is enjoyed by billions across the globe but also gives global investors and those looking to set up in the UK confidence.

“But with the right additional support in place, the UK can continue to reach further heights and stand out as one of the best nations in the world for video games development.”

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