Undertale is about to be voted the Best Game Ever – and the internet is furious

A Kickstarted six-hour RPG made by two people and released just three months ago is about the be crowned the Best Game Ever.

Toby Fox’s Undertale, which was released on PC in September, is currently winning the polling in a GameFaqs contest to crown the best video game ever made. And it’s beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by a ratio of 3-to-2 at the time of writing.

That’s not all, either. On the way Undertale has won head-to-head polls against some of gaming’s most cherished titles including SNES platformer Super Mario World, N64 launch title Super Mario 64, fan-favourite Pokemon Red/Blue and Bethesda’s Fallout 3.

Beating all these Nintendo games has, surprise surprise, infuriated some users of the site. Topics on the poll’s discussion board include gems such as Undertale fans: You don’t know what true gaming is like”, Undertale is EVERYTHING wrong with gaming today…” and Undertale is a bad game, let me explain why”.

Others threaten to reveal the truth” or utter hot takes that need to be said”. Others simply brand the whole fiasco as terrible”.

Here’s a snippet:

As a long time gamer, I am saddened to see that Modern gamers are voting for Undertale which by the standards of 20 years ago(which is what still SHOULD have been todays standards) makes Undertale an objectively mediocre game.

This contest proves that the majority of gamers do not know what real gaming is like. The fact that Undertale beat Pokemon R/B/Y and Super Mario World just shows that they don’t know what true gaming is.

Sadly this is the Modern day where Modern gamers and reviewers don’t know what gaming really is. And it’s bad too since gaming post-2006 went really downhill. With the exceptions of Dark Souls and Mirror’s Edge, all games after 2006 became objectively bad.

Undertale fans: You don’t know what true gaming is like since you probably started gaming in the modern era. So if you are a True Gamer, Undertale wouldn’t have been even nominated in this contest. That’s the facts my friends. You simply don’t know what true gaming is like.”

If there is a ‘truth’ it’s likely to be, as one user points out, that at least half the votes for Undertale are just to see the babies cry”. At the very least, we would guess.

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