Unity 2019.3 Tech Stream is now available for creators ‘who demand to be on the cutting edge as technologies’

Unity 2019.3 Tech Stream is now live, bringing more than 260 improvements to the platform, including a revamped user interface and an optimised editor experience. 

Unity 2019.3 includes production-ready version of the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), “which unlocks beautiful graphics on high-end consoles and PCs” as well as revamped icons, better usability, and faster performance “that continues Unity’s evolution towards a leaner, more powerful, more optimized Editor experience”. 

The Tech Stream is for creators “who demand to be on the cutting edge as technologies and workflows are evolving”. The stable, long-term support (LTS) version won’t see these changes until Unity 2019.4, which is slated to release in the next few months.

“With the release of Unity 2019.3, we are continuing our focus of giving all creators the power they need to have a more optimized, stable, and pleasant, creative experience, ” said Brett Bibby, VP of engineering, Unity Technologies. “Unity 2019.3 includes more than 260 improvements and new features focused on giving you the confidence that what you’re making right now will look and perform beautifully – whether you’re targeting the technologies of today or the platforms of tomorrow.”

For the full details, head to the company’s latest blog post.

In a press release, the company said the video below, dubbed “The Heretic”, “reflects what’s capable today using HDRP and off-the-shelf Unity technology”.

Unity Technologies has made several acquisitions in the last 12 months. most recently Obvioos and live game management platform, ChilliConnect. DeltaDNA – which is used by companies such as Sega, Bethesda, Take-Two Interactive, Viacom, Bandai Namco, and 505 Game – was also acquired last year, and will continue to operate as a separate entity, “providing its engine agnostic player lifetime management tools to developers worldwide”.

The company recently confirmed it had secured additional investment, too. After a tender offer for common shareholders of up to $525 million, Unity Technologies’ worth doubled to an estimated $6 billion. As the tender offer is open to all common shareholders – the majority of which are current and former employers of the firm – this “marks a significant milestone” and the “opportunity for some liquidity to [Unity’s] dedicated employees who have worked so hard to make Unity the company that it is today”.

Unity sought $125 million in additional Series E funding back in May 2019, and closed with $150m, boosting the company’s value up to an estimated $5.96 billion at the time.

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