Unity launches ‘Game Growth Program’ to support mobile free-to-play titles

Unity has launched a new program to support those trying to scale mobile free-to-play titles. With the scheme offering “technology, resources and funding for user acquisition.”

The idea is basically that Unity helps developers get potentially lucrative live games off the ground floor. However, it’s not taking an IP share or any ongoing revenue share whatsoever in return for its support. 

The program is focused at helping the indie community, which has increasingly struggled to get the kind of financial support needed in order to acquire users for sustained growth. Unity here is offering a “robust player engagement strategy” which will include “user acquisition campaigns, optimized monetization via ads and in-app purchases, and player analytics.” 

All that is to be delivered by a team of experts from Unity, letting the developer get on with the business of working on the game itself. Unity will commit funds to user acquisition, both through its own Unity Ads network and others. 

“Great games often go unnoticed, especially within the Indie segment,” said Julie Shumaker, Vice President of Revenue, Operate Solutions, Unity. “We believe creators shouldn’t choose between their entertainment vision and the tactical execution required to build audiences and make money. Ultimately, the Game Growth Program supports developers in the journey to yield the highest success for their game all while retaining ownership of their company and IP. Our measurement for success is that these participating developers will eventually outgrow the program because they’ve built a sustainable business that can stand on its own as a result.” 

“Our Operate Solutions are known for helping customers solve critical growth and scaling challenges, independent of what engine was used to create the game,” said Felix Thé, Vice President of Product Management, Unity. “The Game Growth Program is incentivizing Unity creators of all sizes, no matter how small, with fundamental support so that the ultimate resource – creativity – is left unbridled and focused on making the best possible experience.” 

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