Unsigned – Competitive customer service with slapstick sabotage in Inn Trouble!

Overcooked meets Sea of Thieves! A blend of competitive customer service with slapstick sabotage! Team up to run your tavern and trash your rivals’!

Thomas Phillips – Consultant (Previously CTO)

Developer: Burnthouse Games

Location: Cornwall

Team size: Two currently. Will expand to seven with contractors upon funding.

Progress: Demo

Contact details: Thomas Phillips

Tell us about your game!

Inn Trouble is a romping, messy, chaotic game about trolling your friends as they try to run a tavern. In each 20 minute match, two rival teams compete to make their pub the happiest on the street. Now sure, promptly served customers give better tips, but what if the other team is just as quick as you? No, no, you need a different plan. A crafty, cruel and cunning plan! Sneak into the rival tavern, steal everything that isn’t nailed down, poison anything that is! Break, bother and bonk your way to victory! But did you forget? They’re doing the same to you! Defend and defenestrate! Upgrade your own tavern to keep your customers safe!

Who do you think it will appeal to?

People who want to play something chunky with their friends but only have a limited time to do it in. The 20 minute matches are designed to have the full arc of experience: a ‘warm-up’ beginning, a ‘build up’ middle and a ‘finale’ ending, leaving the player satisfied after each match! People who enjoy managing chaos and those who just want to watch the world burn!

What experience does the team have?

The team has a total of eight years’ experience in games and software development between them. Formed in the Falmouth Launchpad tech start-up incubator in 2018, the team that would become Burnthouse Games set to work researching and prototyping scalable, market led products. With the support of the industry experts working with Launchpad, they’re confident they can deliver a great game!

How long has the title been in development, how long will it likely take to complete?

Inn Trouble has been prototyped, shopped, focus tested and pivoted over the last two years into the design that we have now. With another seven months runway, we can complete this final design.

What level of support are you looking for from a potential partner?

We need £144,000 in development funding to create the game itself. We would appreciate help with: Community Management, Publicity and Localisation.

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