Unsigned: Finding your chill in Triversal

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Find your chill with Triversal: a casual spatial puzzle experience to reward & relax the mind.

Ericka Evans

Developer: Phantom Compass

Location: Canada

Team size: 8-16 staffers; Triversal core team of 4

Progress: Beta

Contact details:


Why did you decide to develop this game?

Triversal started as an experimental concept involving super satisfying physics springs. It tested well internally, striking a nice balance between stimulating and relaxing. We hope that our players will use this game to unwind to or take breaks from more intense gaming or work, just like we do.

Who do you think the audience is?

The game has broad appeal, as it’s easy to learn and can be played in short sessions. Competitive gamers need breaks and ways to unwind; so do parents and students. Triversal also offers a ‘Streamer Assist’ mode that adds numbered labels, allowing stream chat users to join in solving puzzles.

What experience does the team have?

Phantom Compass is an award-winning Canadian game development studio that has been making original titles and providing outsourcing services since 2008. We’re best known for the quirky Pinball-RPG mashup Rollers of the Realm (2014) and an 80s cartoon inspired car combat game Auto Age: Standoff.

Why did you decide to use Unity to create this game, can you tell us anything about using the engine on this project?

Unity offers teams the ability to rapidly iterate on prototypes, which can save development time in the long run. We were able to prove our concept quickly with Unity’s built in tools before we committed to writing specific code for a shippable game.

How long has the title been in development, how long will it likely take to complete?

Triversal has been in development for about six person-months and is a few more months away from launch on Steam, with Switch, iOS, and hopefully other platforms to follow.

What level of support are you looking for from a potential partner?

We’re looking for publishing and distribution partners to help maximize our reach on all platforms and get this game into as many hands as possible. In particular, we’d love to work with a great mobile publishing partner since Triversal feels great to play on a touch device.

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