UPDATE – MCV’s emails and phone numbers have changed!

MCV isn’t about us, it’s about the games industry, about all of you. Which is why it’s so critical that we receive your phone calls and emails.

As we’ve detailed previously, just before Christmas MCV was acquired for the second time in 2018. It turned out that Future was not the future for us, but instead has quickly become the past, a six-month blip in the brand’s long and storied history, so short that it’s really not worth dissecting the ups-and-downs of the period.

We’re now part of a neat little B2B publisher simply called Biz Media, along with a handful of other brands, such as ToyNews, BikeBiz and PCR. We’re still based near London Bridge, but now there’s a proper traditional boozer right next door to the office, which makes us very happy. 

You can now find us at the following address:

Biz Media, Axe & Bottle Court,
Shard Offices, 
70 Newcomen St,
London SE1 1YT

Note that we also have brand new email addresses and phone numbers, so please take the time to update your contact books and mailing lists to make sure we still receive your precious press releases:

– Seth Barton, editor: seth.barton@biz-media.co.uk, 0203 143 8785

– Marie Dealessandri, senior staff writer: marie.dealessandri@biz-media.co.uk, 0203 143 8786

For advertising and commercial partnerships, you can get in touch with our new business development manager, Alex Boucher: alex.boucher@biz-media.co.uk or 0777 853 8431.

For everything events-related, you can get in touch with events executive Beatrice Povia: beatrice.povia@biz-media.co.uk or 0203 143 8788.

This latest change is something of a return to MCV’s roots, with a small team that are just getting on with it. In terms of the games industry, MCV is once again independent, which is one silver lining after all the change. It’s also worth noting that MCV is both British-owned and operated again, that may seem an unnecessary little bit of nationalism given the current climate, but having all our management in the same time zone again is a huge boon.

So it may have been a while since we last put out an issue of MCV, but with the switch we have been very busy indeed. Despite that we’ve made some significant changes to the magazine for 2019 – please keep an eye out for the new issue of the magazine and its revamped sections, out this Thursday.

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