UPDATE: RIME is getting a physical release on PS4 and Xbox One, Switch not yet confirmed

UPDATE: Not even a day after the re-reveal of Rime and we’ve got some great news for retailers and would-be fans of the game. Rime is confirmed to be getting a physical release on both PS4 and Xbox One, when we presumed that its initial announcement as an ‘indie’ title would restrict it to a digital release. It also has a release date, or a month at least, with the game coming in May.

A retail release for the Nintendo Switch is being considered but there’s no announcement at present. Possibly, the relatively small installed base of the newly-launched console might not justify it. We’re also guessing that some potential publishers haven’t yet been fully briefed on the practicalities of the new cartridge format.

We asked Ral Rubio, CEO & creative director at Tequila Works whether the game lived up to his initial vision? He replied: With RiME’s release now only a few months away the team is still working hard on adding the final touches to the game, but when I look back to when this journey began I feel we have remained true to our initial vision for the project and the original concept of living an adventure through the eyes of an eight year old child."

We also asked about the impact of the additional platforms on the team: "It is true that bringing RiME to other platforms has meant additional workload for the team, but being able to share our vision with a wider audience makes that extra effort worth it. The team at Tequila Works is grateful to the belief Grey Box and Six Foot has shown in both RiME and the studio which has meant the game will now come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in May.”

ORIGINAL STORY: We’re suckers for a newly-minted marketing term here at MCV, so we were pleased as punch this morning when Tequila Works ‘re-revealed’ its much-anticipated adventure title Rime.

The initial reveal came back at Gamescom 2013 as part of Sony’s indie game lineup. It then went into hibernation, with little being seen or heard of the title until March 2016 when Tequila Works announced that the IP and publishing rights had been reacquired by the developer.

Development has continued over that time, with Tequila Works even claiming that the game was already in a playable state back at its first reveal, all of which bodes well for a smooth release, which is now planned for later in 2017.That release will now occur on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well as PS4 and PC platforms.

Publishing duties have now fallen to Grey Box and Six Foot, currently working on Dreadnought. There’s no word on a physical release for now, but it’s looking to be a digital-only title at present.

The puzzle-adventure title looks to blend elements of Ico and Zelda – though details are very thin on the ground beyond what you can see in the various trailers available. The game looks to be a blend of exploration and big, architectural puzzles – all set across a stunning-looking island setting.

Choosing IGN as its outlet for the new trailer, does anyone use their own YouTube channels anymore, the title should be among the biggest indie releases of the year, presuming it lives up to its promise.

Before then, Tequila Works will release The Sexy Brutale, a co-production with UK developer Cavalier Games– which is formed of ex-Lionhead employees. The puzzle adventure game blends a Groundhog Day time loop with some grisly murders to be prevented. That will launch in Q1 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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