UPDATE: UK gaming’s Simon Byron is doing something brilliant on Kickstarter

Now this is what Kickstarter is really meant to be used for.

Tired of millionaires taking to crowdfunding sites to launch products that they themselves are unwilling to back? Well this won’t be of any interest then because Simon Byron works in PR and we all know that’s where the money is.

But that indisputable truth aside, UK games industry veteran and thoroughly nice chap Simon Byron has taken to Kickstarter to launch a self-made card game called Greedy Wizards.

Like all good card games the rules look pretty simple yet it’s obvious that a fiendish level of tactical depth lurks below the surface. The art’s really good too. And it has wizards. And cakes. Those who back the project should have their sets in time for Christmas.

It looks great and he’s only after 1,750 which truth be told we should all be able to raise between us by the end of the day. Get on it people.

UPDATE: And it’s funded. Bravo, Simon. Let’s get some stretch goals planned, OK?

Here’s a video:

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