UPDATED: Bloodborne producer says 30fps is ‘best’

The producer of upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has said that the decision to target 30fps was a specific and deliberate design goal.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio’s Masaaki Yamagiwa told PlayStationLifeStyle that while SCEJ and From Software haven’t made an official announcement” regarding Bloodborne’s tech specs they will probably go for 30fps since that’s what they found to be the best fps (frames-per-second) to play action games”.

Yamagiwa added that right from the beginning the development team weren’t targeting 60fps because it’s not first-person shooting, it’s an action game”.

From Software’s Souls series has never been known for its technical prowess, with Dark Souls struggling to maintain 30fps on consoles (and at times falling well, well short – hello Blighttown) while it launched on PC with a locked framerate of 30fps.

Dark Souls 2 was a better performer on PC, but still struggled to hit 30fps on consoles.

Yamagiwa’s previous titles include Tokyo Jungle and Sonic Rush, on which he served as producer on both.

UPDATE: Yamagiwa has subsequently questioned the accuracy of the quotes:

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