Updated PS VR headset arrives in Japan on October 14th

Sony is preparing to launch a new version of its PS VR headset in Japan this month. The updated headset, model number CUH-ZVR2, will arrive on October 14th in its home market, according to Gematsu, as part of a PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera bundle for 44,980, but a North American and European release have yet to be announced. Regardless of when they arrive, however, all bundle pricing will remain the same, Sony’s confirmed.

The new design will have integrated headphones with a slimmer, more streamlined connection cable in the back of the headset, and it will also have an upgraded processor unit that supports HDR pass through when the VR headset is turned off.

The latter will be particularly key for those who watch a lot of HDR content on their TV and always have their PS VR plugged in, as it means users will no longer have to disconnect their PS VR headset when they want to watch HDR-compatible games and content on the TV. Unfortunately, you can’t just swap processor units with your old PS VR headset, as the cables are different, says Sony.

To help customers tell the difference between the two different versions, Sony said the packaging will "change slightly" in its FAQ on the PlayStation blog, and will have a different product image showing the integrated headset.

However, its main piece of advice was to tell people to look for the change in model number – something that’s likely to cause confusion given there’s only a single different digit between them. For instance, the old one’s model number CUH-ZVR1, and the new one is CUH-ZVR2.

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