UPDATED: PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox 720 – INTERNET EXPLODES

My dad could beat up your dad. Except neither of them exist beyond the confines of our imagination.

It’s a bit like that.

But we’re unofficially in the run-up to the next-gen now. Imagine the last few days in the office before Christmas. You’re technically at work but everyone expects you to be a bit silly and throw snowballs at the postman.

It’s a bit like that.

So in the full-blooded spirit of unofficial next-gen build up, we have word of a fantastic report lending itself to that delicious headline you see above – the PS4 is 50 per cent more powerful than the Xbox 720. Or Xbox 720 is 33 per cent worse.

That’s according to VG247 which claims to have been told at CES that the PS4 has a run-capability” of 1.84TF (that’s teraflops). The Xbox 720, meanwhile, is apparently packing a mere 1.23TF. That’s officially 50 per cent worse.

What a loser.

However, there’s a twist. Xbox 720 apparently has 8GB of RAM whereas PS4 has a paltry 4GB. After OS and app requirements Xbox will have 4-5GB of wriggle room and the PlayStation 3GB.


Both machines will be compatible with 100GB Blu-ray discs.


Xbox 720 is based on the Radeon HD 8770 GPU.


PS4 is built around AMD’s A10 APU.


And further leaked documents are in the hands of the media who are readying a Malcolm Tucker style leak.


That’s it.


An eagle-eyed writer of MCV’s sister mag Develop spotted that VG247 has updated its story to remove all mentions of 30 per cent and instead change it to 50 per cent.

We actually looked at the numbers this time and they’re right! SHIT THE BED! We’ve updated our story and everything.

It really is quite unbelievable how much better PS4 is going to be than Xbox 720. Basically, Danny from Buckinghamshire tells us that if you intend on buying an Xbox 720 then you are ***.

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