Updated: Reliance uses Battlefield 3 artwork in new mobile game promo

Update: Reliance has pulled Borderwar Defence Patrol from all carriers and stores while it fixes its ‘lapse in the QA process’.The company has issued the following statement:

‘We acknowledge that there has been a lapse in the QA process and we have acted immediately on having this resolved.

The game has been presently pulled down from all carriers while our team works towards rectifying the slip-up.

We will have the game (Borderwar Defence Patrol) corrected and launched again in due course of time.

Going forward, we will be more stringent with our QA process.’

Original Story:We received a press release from Reliance Games earlier today for its new game, Borderwar Defence Patrol, and something about it just didn’t seem right.

On closer inspection, it turns out that a portion of artwork used by Reliance for the new game is lifted straight from the unmistakeable artwork of Battlefield 3, complete with the orange streaks.

Look closely at the planes in both images below. Borderwar to the left, Battlefield 3 on the right.

It may seem harmless to many, but in the international games industry, such blatant disregard for another company’s copyrights is a strict no-no. Yet, this is a regular affair in India, and it’s even more baffling to see something like this come out of Reliance.

Instances of copyright infringement have for long been an issue in games retail in India, with retailers using logos and artwork from games to create preorder bonuses without the publisher’s permission.

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