US media rounds on Minecraft, dubs it ‘Minecrack’

One of the most successful and creative games of recent times has become the bizarre target of the US media.

As expertly rounded up by Kotaku, this video shows the efforts gone to by the US media to identify Minecraft as the current evil polluting the minds of poor, innocent, young Americans.

The tagline? Calling the game Minecrack. Because likening a hugely innovative and creative product that consumers want to play because it’s brilliant to a highly addictive dopamine-releasing tropane alkaloid is perfectly valid.

MCV’s favourite line from the video collection has to be: I don’t know what this is but apparently Minecraft is a video game. They keep coming up with new ones all the time.” Note too the subtle disapproving shake of the head by the co-anchor at this nerve-shattering revelation.

Be sure to check it out.

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