US Senator: Video games a bigger problem than guns

In a demonstration of both ignorance and apparent loyalty, US Senator Lamar Alexander has spoken out against video games – calling them a bigger problem than guns”, because they affect people.”

The Tennessee state republican representative made the seemingly indefensible statement during an appearance on The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd on MSNBC, and posted by political weblog Daily Kos.

"I think video games is [sic] a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people," Alexander. "The First Amendment limits what we can do about video games. The Second Amendment to the Constitution limits what we can do about guns."

Alexander is reportedly marked as one of the current members of the National Rifle Association’s A Team” – nearly 50 individuals of the US senate who have unqualified support of the NRA.”

In other words: an unflinching puppet. One of several the NRA will look to continuously ride, while it finds itself saddled by the heightened attention on the clear issues of gun accessibility in America.

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