Valve debuts 24-player Dota 2 mode at The International All-Star match

Dota 2’s annual exhibition match during The International has played host to another surprise for fans as the 5v5 game turned into a 10v10.

The All-Star, usually played as a mix of fan favourite pros on each team, was used to showcase Dota’s newest hero, Techies, during last year’s tournament.

This year they revealed the new team sizes possible in the Source 2-based Reborn Beta client.

The 10 pros, chosen by fans who bought Valve’s digital Compendium, were joined by another 10 fans picked out of the audience – including one Danil "Dendi" Ishutin hiding as a Pudge cosplayer in the stands.

The mode was revealed to be in the works to be implemented into Dota’s Source 2 client as early as next week, and will support up to 12v12 matchups.

As for the All-Star match, Team N0Tail eventually overcame Team Chuan through a 75,000 gold turnaround and more than 250 kills over both teams.

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