Valve debuts Steam trade offers feature

Valve has introduced a new Trade Offers feature on Steam that allows users to propose and send prepackaged trades to one another.

Players can create an offer from the ‘trade offers’ page in their own inventory, their friend’s inventory, or from any badge pages based on what Steam trading cards are involved.

Unlike a standard Steam trade, users don’t need to be simultaneously online to complete the transaction. Valve also notes that trade offers can be sent and received using web browsers.

Trade offers expire automatically after a two week period, with the expiration date shown at the bottom of a pending offer. Users can cancel any pending trades from the ‘trade offers’ page.

Currently, users can only send trade offers to friends, but that may change in the future. Regardless, privacy settings are already in place in case anyone wants to avoid the feature entirely by hiding their inventory from those on their friends list.

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