Valve redesigns Steam storefront with ‘Discovery Update’

Valve has given the Steam storefront a major makeover, adding new customization options including a new curation feature which allows individuals and groups to recommend various titles.

A new post on Steam’s news section details what Valve is calling the Steam Discovery Update, which brings a redesigned front page to the store meant to tailor itself to each Steam user’s specific interests.

A new recommended section has been added, where Valve can make recommendations based off what kind of games a Steam user spends their time playing.

Friends can recommend games to each other as well, and the new curator option allows those interested to become tastemakers” and make recommendations to followers.

"We have made great efforts to increase the number of titles we can publish on Steam, which means more choices for customers," Valve’s Alden Kroll stated.

"This update introduces multiple features and functionality to help customers explore Steam’s growing catalog and find the games they are most interested in playing."

The PC, Mac and Linux digital distributor currently boasts 3,700 titles and 100m active accounts.

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