Valve reveals Steam Link streaming device, Steam Controller price

Hot on the heels of its Vive VR announcement, Steam has introduced another new piece of hardware – the Steam Link.

Set for release in November, at least in the US, Steam Link is designed to act as a streaming device, bringing content from Windows, Mac, Linux and Valve’s own SteamOS machines to the box via Steam’s In-Home Streaming service.

Content will run with a resolution of 1080p, at a maximum refresh rate of up to 60Hz. Valve additionally insists that any latency will be ‘low’.

The Link can be hooked up to a TV or monitor using HDMI, with three USB ports additionally included.

The Steam Link was priced at $49.99, which was also the revealed as the price of Valve’s long-awaited Steam Controller.

First revealed last year, the pad, which is designed to bridge the control schemes of console and PC, has since gone through several redesigns, adjusting the controller’s dual unique circular touchpads and adding more conventional face buttons.

Release dates for both the Steam Link and Steam Controller are yet to be confirmed, as is regional pricing.

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