Valve shows off Dota 2’s VR spectator mode

To coincide with the launch of the HTC Vive, the first Steam VR device, Valve created multiple videos to show what the hardware can do, one of which gave a first look at spectating Dota 2 in virtual reality.

The short clip, which can be seen in the tweet below, shows what the experience of watching a game of Dota 2 is like when wearing the VR headset. The match in the video features champions of The International 5, Evil Geniuses, take on Korean side MVP Phoenix at the recent DotaPit LAN event.

With the headset on, the main video stream is played on a virtual screen in front of you. On the floor below is a bird’s eye view of the map that is updated in real time; pointing at the map with the Vive motion controllers will bring up the XP and net worth graphs. Flanking each side of the map are all of the heroes in the match that is being played, pointing at them will show their current item build.

Unfortunately no release date was given for the new feature, although some Dota fans are suggesting it could be the reason why there hasn’t been a new balance patch for some time. However with The International 6 just a few months away you would expect Valve to have it available sooner rather than later in order to show it off on the biggest Dota stage of the year.

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