Vampyr can’t puncture World Cup fever as FIFA 18 holds top spot in digital European charts

Focus Home Interactive’s Vampyr has had an impressive first week on digital storefronts placing second across Europe for full unit sales on Steam, Xbox One and PSN. That’s according to the new GSD charts, which started providing us with full rankings for Europe last week.

Vampyr retails at £50 so even at this traditionally slow time of year it’s making good money for Focus. Though it will have a long way to go before it hits the company’s ex-CEO’s self-imposed one million unit target.

It was kept from the top spot only by FIFA 18 – which has had something of a resurgence in the last couple of weeks thanks to a certain football tournament. Plus a price cut down to £16 (or equivalent) won’t have hurt its sales. With FIFA 19 in the offing post-summer, EA will be more than happy to capitalise in what is effectively ‘time added on’ for last year’s edition.

Then the chart includes a raft of titles, such as God of War and Gran Turismo Sport, that were included in PSN’s ‘Days of Play’ promotion. Note that Nintendo does not provide  digital sales data for the chart.

GSD also sends out retail figures for certain European territories. These include France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and a handful of others, but with less than half the countries currently providing data, and with big guns such as Germany and the UK missing (for now) the data is far from complete. Though it still gives some indication of what’s selling in boxes across the continent, price cuts have lifted God of War back into second place, while Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze holds at a respectable fifth place.

For details on how the charts work and what’s included in the data, see last week’s story, and for even more information read our interview with the chart’s creator and how it took five years to wrangle into existence.

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