Vampyr: Fangs for the memories

Vampyr is the new project of Life is Strange developer Dontnod, and while it’s very much an action-adventure RPG, you can definitely feel the Dontnod touch. This isn’t your traditional RPG, after all, as who and how many people you decide to kill will directly impact the story and other characters.

“Will you try to become a humanist vampire and just have a quick bite, or do you want to play a heartless creature who just wants to create mayhem? It’s up to you,” Vampyr’s narrative director Stéphane Beauverger told MCV@gamescom. “The game won’t punish you or give you hints about the way you’re supposed to play, but there are different endings, of course.”

That includes one specific ending for players who don’t kill anyone at all, but as killing citizens is the quickest way to level up and unlock abilities, Beauverger said this is will definitely be a challenge.

“Every citizen has secrets, friends, families, jobs…” he said. “Some are saints, some are mad, some are criminals, some are good people… You have a right to kill someone at random, but if you want to investigate and understand who he is, you will get more interesting character sheets and potential targets.”

It sounds like Dontnod has a very interesting IP with great gameplay mechanics. When asked about why the team decided to create this title, Beauverger first joked “because vampires are cool and there are too many zombie games,” before adding: “Vampires are one of the very few creatures that are aware of what they are and who they were. To become a vampire without deciding to be turned is what I wanted to explore, to have to deal with this new condition and understand how it works.”

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