Velvet Assassin drug references to remain

Upcoming WWII adventure title Velvet Assassin will not have its references to drug use removed, publisher SouthPeak has confirmed, despite the heat its likely to cause troubles with the world’s various regulatory bodies.

The former Gamecock title allows players to use morphine to slow down time and pull off deadly attacks.

The SouthPeak’s marketing manager Aubrey Norris told MTV Multiplayer: One of Velvet Assassin’s strongest features is the emphasis on retaining as much historical accuracy as possible. It’s a well-known fact that morphine was widely used as a painkiller for wounded operatives and soldiers on all sides of the war.

Not only does it fit the realism of the game, but it also plays an integral role in the actual gameplay experience. Use of morphine in the game is not meant to condone drug abuse, but to reflect the realistic nature of the game and true to life historical factors.”

It is incredibly important to us that the artistic integrity of the developer is upheld in every aspect.”

Popular Bethesda RPG Fallout 3 fell victim of the famously strict Aussie regulators for its in-game references to drugs. In that instance the publisher chose to replace the drugs names with fictional titles – an alteration that was eventually incorporated into the game’s release in every global territory.

As well as reducing the chances of Velvet Assassin making it to Australian retail, the content is likely to hike up the age rating the game receives in every territory, reducing its overall market reach.

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