Veteran voice game actors unite to create free script writing support agency

A group of voice actors have united to help developers improve their script writing.

Jennifer Hale, Sarah Elmaleh, and Cissy Jones – all veteran voice actors – are leading The Halp Network’s Specialized Workshops And Actor Tactics (S.W.A.A.T.) (thanks, The service hopes to provide developers with "vivid and reliable a sense of your script’s strength and readability".

"S.W.A.A.T. is an elite team of actors and motion capture performance artists who bring years of experience and specialized training to help hone in on issues with script writing, actor blocking, and character development," says a statement on the website

"This elite team of actors seasoned in motion capture performance, stage blocking, theater, voice acting for video games, radio, and animated television shows and feature films is essentially a free tool which garners high reward when deployed, abating potential risks to your project and saving you time and money."

The service is available absolutely free of charge – "Seriously! No joke! Really free. Pretty wild, huh?" – and you can even submit revised scripts again for a second assessment, although right now the service is only available by referral. With "adequate planning and if you are willing to cover such expenses as transportation, lodging, food and negotiate a reasonable stipend to offset the potential for LA work in your timeframe", the service is also open to developers outside of LA, California. Alternatively, Virtual Table Reads are also available, and there is no obligation to hire SWAAT actors for your projects in exchange for the free consultation. 

For further information, head over to the official website.

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