VIDEO: Black Ops 2 features expanded 8-player zombie mode

It’s a Call of Duty game. Made by Treyarch. And that, as well know by now, means zombies.

And this year, it will mean more zombies than ever before.

Polygon reports that the game will for the first time support eight players simultaneously – a significant evolution for a game mode that begun life as an easter egg in the studio’s Call of Duty: World at War.

Everything else you would expect to have been ramped up has been – more weapons, more zombie types, more characters and two additional modes.

The first of these is the Transit in Zombies story-based mode, described as an open area game world with interconnected zones”. The bus, seen extensively in the video below, is a big feature of this particular playset, providing both shelter and potential danger.

Also included in this mode is the chance to use custom player-created” items. The video shows the player using a car door as a DIY shield. The narrative will in some way tie into the popular Moon level as featured in Black Ops.

The second new mode, dubbed Grief, features four on four player all-human action. Not that you’ll be shooting other players, mind – instead, the winner is the team the best survives the zombie onslaught.

Here’s the video:

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