VIDEO: Bloodborne TV spot revealed by Sony

With the release now just over three weeks away, Sony has shown off its TV trailer for upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

The game is a joint production from Dark Souls developer From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The pair last collaborated on the precursor to both Souls games, PS3 title Demon Souls.

From has since gone on to make two multiplatform Dark Souls games, which were sequels in all but name. But with Sony on board, Bloodborne will forever remain a PlayStation-only title.

Souls fans will spot more than a few similarities between the new games and its predecessors. Along with the steep difficulty curve, players are encouraged to experiment with a wide assortment of weapons and costumes while they explore the dark and foreboding game world. Also present and correct is From’s unique multiplayer integration, along with a number of asynchronous multiplayer features.

There are differences, however. Guns enter the fray for the first time, as does the ditching of shields. Combat is also tailored to reward the aggressive and dissuade players from taking a Souls-like circle-block-slash approach that many will be accustomed to. There’s also the new gothic setting.

Bloodborne will be released in the UK on March 27th. Interestingly, From has chosen to release its Dark Souls II re-mix Scholar of the First Sin the following week on April 2nd.

Here’s the trailer:

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