VIDEO: Cave announces Mushihimesama Futari for iOS

Cave’s western rampage is continuing with the announcement of its fifth title for iOS.

Bug Princess 2 actually assumes the namesake of Mushihimesama: Bug Panic, a top-down run ‘n’ gun title released for the platform last year. However, judging from the debut trailer bug Princess 2 is actually a port of Xbox 360 shooter Mushihimesama Futari 1.5, which has never been released outside Japan.

Cave’s other iOS releases to date are Espgaluda II, DoDonPachi Resurrection and Deathsmiles.

The studio also has two retail releases under its belt in the UK, with Rising Star Games publishing Deathsmiles last year and DoDonPachi: Resurrection earlier this month.

And the publisher will be bringing another Cave shooter to the UK next year in the form of Akai Katana.

Cave has also self-published two games on Xbox Live Arcade – shooter Guwange and platform title Nin2-Jump.

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