VIDEO: EA explains Star Wars Battlefront release date, shows off first in-game footage

A few in-game snippets from EA’s Star Wars: battlefront depicting Hoth and Endor are included as part of a new video for the game.

What we don’t have, however, is a firm idea of when the game will be with us. And it sounds like that may still be some way off.

"We’re going to treat this with respect, particularly because people have a very clear idea of what a Battlefront game should be,” EA COO Peter Moore told IGN. "These games are so big and you’ve got to get the game right," Moore said of EA’s E3 press conference lineup.

"We’re often criticized for release dates and getting ahead of it too early. I never believed in nailing a date and then reverse engineering the title backwards from the date, it just doesn’t work. When we’re comfortable, we’ll announce a release date."

Here’s the video:

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