‘Video games media should be as mainstream as sport and film’

Video games media is not living up to its extraordinary potential”, says IGN.

The online giant’s ambitious president Roy Bahat says gaming media ought to be as big as movies and sport, and that it’s down to IGN to make it happen.

We have this vision of a new kind of media company that makes games media a mainstream form of entertainment in the same way as sport and film,” Bahat told MCV.Despite the enormous number of people playing games, it has still to reach that degree of success.

"We have a long way to go in becoming mass market, so we need to redefine this category. That means getting celebrities involved and making it clear how many of them play. It means reaching people on every platform, whether that’s YouTube, mobile or games consoles. We think the category is just too small relative to its extraordinary potential. We need to grow it.”

Bahat adds that games media is failing to win over the mass market. Nobody has created a great media service for mobile and social,” he said. We’d like to.

Also the biggest games are now much bigger. You have people who are not necessarily gamers, but they are FIFA or Call of Duty gamers. We need to serve the hyper fans of these gigantic franchises.”

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