VIDEO: How does Deus Ex Human Revolution on Wii U stack up?

Square Enix has released the first video of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut on the Wii U.

The publisher describes it as the ultimate edition of the popular sci-fi action RPG. It comes replete with a host of changes – not least of which are the alterations made to the infamous boss battles.

"We went through all the boss battles and said, ‘let’s just start from the beginning’,” designer Emile Pedneault told Eurogamer. "We took the whole experience Deus Ex gave you and we applied it correctly to the boss fights."

Changes include alterations to the map layouts of each boss encounter providing new scope for avoiding detection where previously there was none. The option to not kill the bosses, however, cannot be offered although players will be able to down them without firing a shot should they choose.

Another key change comes with the ability for two energy cells to recharge automatically. In the original game only one would recharge. The idea is to allow gamers more room for experimentation and fun with augmentations.

The AI is also improved, utilising the tweaks that are only available to existing owners who played The Missing Link DLC. Also applied to the whole game are the visual tweaks, such as improved light/dark contrast and anti-aliasing.

Crucially, these improvements are apparently not even possible on Xbox 360 because of DVD storage limits.

As to whether this additional content will make it to other systems – it’s a strict no comment for the time being.

Here’s the video:

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