VIDEO: Keita Takahashi returns to gaming with new PlayStation title Wattam

The creator of Katamari Damacy took to the PlayStation Experience stage this weekend to unveil his new title – Wattam.

Hi. I’m Japanese, I guess,” a nervous looking, plastic-fork fiddling Keita Takahashi said, before explaining that the idea for this game came from when I was playing with my two-year-old son, and wondered about what if all toys lived, and connected by themselves?”.

Funomena co-founder Robin Hunicke added on the PlayStation Blog: The word Wattam itself is actually composed of the Tamil and Japanese words for

‘making a circle’ or ‘making a loop’. The initial prototype for this game was made by Keita and his friend Vikram, who are from these two cultures respectively, and this new word acknowledges one of the game’s core inspirations: making connections between different types of things.”

The video below apparently shows the Mayor of the world of Wattam, who confusingly is cubic.

Takahashi rose to fame on the back of his popular 2004 release Katamari Damacy, although it was with the sequel – and its Western release – that he became a global name.

Takahashi subsequently released PS3 curiosity Noby Noby Boy in 2009.

Here’s the video:

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