VIDEO: Oculus Rift-compatible VR gloves appear on Kickstarter

If a headset and motion treadmill weren’t enough, now gamers can add gloves to their VR shopping list.

Control VR is an Oculus Rift-ready device, which is designed to incorporate the hand movements of its users accurately in-game. The equipment consists of a chest harness, two gloves and sensors around the forearm and bicep of each arm.

It’s now on Kickstarter with an initial backing cost of $350, which will give buyers the harness and control for a single arm. Upping the pledge to $600 will reward the necessary kit for both arms.

The Control VR team is seeking $250,000 to fund the project – a total which at the time of writing stands at over $215,000 with 26 days to go. Its creators don’t view the device being used just for games, either, as they propose its use for navigation computer interfaces, too.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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