VIDEO: Rock Band 4 has a release date

Rock Band’s encore will return to rocking this October.

Rock Band 4 has finally had a release date set, with the rhythm music title coming to PS4 and Xbox One on October 6th.

Prices for the upcoming game have also been released by US retailers Amazon and Gamestop opening up their orders for the game’s Band in a Box and guitar bundles.

The Band in a Box will set music fans back $250 (160), while the guitar alone will cost $130 (83). Both sets include a copy of the game.

More than 1,500 songs will be available for Rock Band 4 at launch, as the title supports every single song released for any Rock Band title to date. There will many new tracks, too.

Creator Harmonix has already stated that Rock Band 4 will be the only Rock Band released for this generation of consoles, as it views the title as an on-going service.

View the release trailer for the game below:

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