VIDEO: See Crackdown 3’s 100% destructible world in action

Microsoft’s cloud-powered destructible environments in Crackdown could be the next big next-gen evolution if they deliver on the pitch shown in this live demonstration.

The game got a 2016 release date at the Xbox Gamescom 2015 press briefing on Tuesday, when Microsoft also revealed that the title will make use of its cloud computing network to provide the necessary technical oomph to tackle the immense number of calculations needed when simulating a world in which every structure can be broken apart.

In the demonstration below the action begins with the shooting of a hole through a wall but soon progresses to the brutal demolition of an entire structure.

The caveat to note is that in this demo the power of the weapons has been ramped up. Shooting down a building in the game, while possible, will also be a time-consuming pursuit.

Here’s the video:

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