VIDEO: Star Wars Kinect gameplay

Ahead of Microsoft’s E3 press conference at 6pm tonight (which will be liveblogged right here on the first gameplay video for Star Wars Kinect has arrived online.

You can see it, courtesy of BamarEnLive, below.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the game, developed by Terminal Reality, will feature characters and setting from both the old and new Star Wars trilogies.

One mode, called Jedi Destiny, allows gamers to play as one of an assortment of new characters in a scenario set between the events of The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

Other locations used include Cloud City’s Bespin and a face-off with Darth Vader will definitely feature. Voice commands will be used and players will be able to use the Force with their hands to throw objects.

"What we found early in development is that [no one wants] to look like ‘Star Wars kid’ in front of their friends," LucasArts’ lead producer Craig Derrick told the site.

"If I am doing these actions, and if I am seeing the character on screen repeating those actions, I want to look bad-ass. We decided to augment the animation, so when I sweep my hand right to left with my lightsaber, it’s going to look cool. That was a major challenge and it works."

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