debuts online games show

Growing consumer games portal, formerly known as Pro-G, has launched a brand new online games show – which the site says is aimed to appeal specifically to the British sense of humour.

The first episode of The Show features reviews of current chart-topper Grand Theft Auto IV, Iron man, Mario Kart Wii and UEFA Euro 2008, along with previews of Metal Gear Online and Ubisoft’s upcoming release Haze.

The show is written, presented and directed by the team, and fronted by the recently joined pair of Nick Peres and Simon Hunter.

The difficulty of coming up with a unique concept for a video games show that ticks all the right boxes cannot be underestimated, especially when taking into account the comparatively small size of our video team,” Nick Peres stated.

As such, it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to produce a show that’s unconventional and entertaining whilst being genuinely informative to gamers. The potential for the show is spectacular and I’m really looking forward to producing the rest of the series.”

The show is currently available to stream from An iTunes friendly HD download is expected to arrive before the end of the month.

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