VIDEOS: Here’s how to hook up the PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR arrives this Thursday (October 13th), and Sony has released a video guide designed to help new owners get the headset up and running.

The tutorial comes in three parts and is basically just an alternative to reading the manual that comes in the box. Because who reads manuals, right? As a trade outlet MCV reads every manual cover to cover, obviously, but we’re aware that not everyone is so diligent.

One thing you might notice from the videos is the amount of cables the thing comes with! We thought the future was going to be wireless? There’s also one part in the third video where it almost looks as if the PSVR disintegrates a dog with some sort of phaser technology. A Varon-T disruptor, maybe? Nasty. A note of caution for pet owners, then.

You can see all three videos below:

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